Terms and Conditions

This agreement comprises of the complete Terms and Conditions of Click & Eat and applies to all those joining, purchasing and making use of our online site through a number of activities. By making use of our website, you acknowledge and are bound to the terms and conditions and will adhere thereof. This agreement consists of the entire agreement between Click & Eat also referred to as “we”, “us” or the “company” and you also referred to as the “user”, “client” or “customer” and supersede all prior drafted agreements, warranties and understandings. Be aware that where this agreement is concerned changes can be made and effected by us from time to time without notifying you.

We are well within our rights to deny access to the Click & Eat website or any service our we may deliver, to anyone who infringes upon this agreement, is offensive or aggressive to our employees, causes us a loss in revenue or any individual who, in our verdict, inhibits the ability of others to make use of the Click & Eat website, or violates the rights of others.

Order Processing and Delivering

  • New customers will be required to sign up to make use of the delivery service. Existing customers’ detailed information is electronically stored for the processing and facilitation  of future orders. This information will not be shared with or purchased by a third-party.
  • The prices presented on the website are those charged at restaurants, in some cases, prices are rounded off to eliminate the inconvenience of small change being issued/ received to and from the customer (cents).
  • The delivery fee is based on the total amount of the goods being purchased, these amounts vary for different cart totals.
  • Our service is available to all pupils on the University of Western Cape.
  • Employees and staff are required to submit their office location for deliveries provided this is the destination for their delivery.
  • Students and those pupils who do not have a fixed location, such as an office, will be required to submit their mobile number so that our runners are able to contact them for their general location eg. Student Center/A Block.
  • Should students fail to submit their mobile number, your order application will be deemed unsuccessful.
  • Once you have placed your order, we will send you an e-mail with your receipt acknowledging that we have received your order. In the event that you do not receive an e-mail in your inbox, check your spam folder to validate whether the receipt was sent.
  •  Should your order be unsuccessful due to stock or related hampering issues at our vendor, we will notify you telephonically with the mobile number provided to us in your registration details.
  • We do not guarantee the availability of any of the items you order, at any of the restaurants. Should one or more of your items be unavailable , we will notify you once communicating with the restaurant.
  • In the event that our vendor(s) do not have stock of the requested products, you are welcome to order something else instead, keep in mind that you will then be liable to pay the difference of the new order.
  • Our goal is to provide you with a speedy and reliable delivery service and we always aim to attain this goal. Regardless of this, unforeseen circumstances may occur which are out of our control and affect the duration of deliveries. Such events may include, but are not limited to, an excessive amount of orders at the vendor placed by parties not related to Click & Eat, constrained resources at our vendors, slower internet or network speeds at campus etc. At peak times deliveries may take slightly longer than usual, such times may include, lunch and breakfast, especially during month-end periods.
  • By using our service, you understand and acknowledge that we are purely a delivery service acting as an intermediary between restaurants and the customer.
  • As such, we accept no accountability or liability for the quality or quantity of the products, this responsibility lies solely with the restaurant. However, we do check your product with the restaurant to ensure it is consistent with your order.
  • Click & Eat delivery personnel are dispatched to collect orders from restaurants closer to or during the selected delivery slot to ensure meals arrive to the customer in the manner in which they are intended to be consumed – warm meals should arrive warm.
  • Please check your order thoroughly, pre-order and post order, as it is hard to change when processed and placed. Any errors made by the restaurant will try to be resolved to the best of our abilities, allowing us to act as a mediator between the customer and restaurant, but we cannot be held responsible for rectifying the restaurants mistake or issuing a refund. However, should the restaurant be willing to refund you, we will inform you and you will receive your full refund. Alternatively, they may also be willing to replace the product for you, if this is the case, you will be informed.
  • In the event we have made an error i.e placing the incorrect order, we will happily replace the product for you or refund you.
  • Should any complaints arise regarding the quality or quantity of the products content, customers are advised to contact the restaurant in question directly. Though we may take up the complaint with the restaurant, on behalf of our customers, we do not offer compensation or replacement of the product in the case of such events.
  • We reserve the right to not deliver: outside of operating hours, during the duration of bad weather conditions, outside of our designated delivery zones, to customers we estimate to be rude or a risk, to an unregistered customer/ office location, to banned customers.
  • In the event that you are not located in the office address, which you provided upon registration, knowing you had placed an order with us, we will leave your order at the reception office of your department. Your receptionist will be requested to sign for the acknowledgement of the goods being delivered where payment will be collected from you later in the day/ following day by one of our employees. Failure to comply with this agreement and avoiding to settle the amount owed to us will result in your account being flagged or suspended where you will be blacklisted from using our service again. Alternatively, the receptionist is within his/her right to decline responsibility of your order in which case, your account will be flagged/suspended where once again, you will be blacklisted. If this is the case, only the administrator of the store has the authority to grant your account amnesty and remove you from the list to renew your access to our service.
  • Should an item price be incorrect or outdated, we will contact you to inform you of the correct price before completely processing your order at which point you have the option of cancelling your order. However, we aim to keep track of product prices and update them as often and as accurately as possible.
  • All pictures used to display product are for display purposes only. Your expectation of the product description should be based on prior, if any, experience ordering at that restaurant. More accurate images of the actual product will be uploaded in future.


  • We accept cash on delivery as well as debit/credit cards upon delivery.
  • The total amount shown on the website, in your cart, before you check your order out is the amount you will be liable to pay.


Should any of these terms and conditions be deemed invalid by competent senior authorities of UWC or seen as unlawful, those terms and conditions will undergo evaluation and possible amendments.


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